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On-Site Group Training

CPR SAFETY TRAINING offers a variety of ON-SITE CPR/AED/FIRST AID/ BLOOD-BORNE PATHOGEN certification training classes to fit your needs.   All of our CPR and first aid courses are offered seven days a week day or night to make it easy and convenient for your group to schedule its next safety class.
Our instructors are American Heart Association instructors that teach these skills.
American Heart Association certifications are valid for a period of two years and include ADULT, CHILD, INFANT training and certification.

Let us come to you for ON-SITE or WORKPLACE training or enroll in one of our community-based CPR/AED or FIRST AID classes. We specialize in ON-SITE training and will come to your school, daycare, office, home, employment, church, or doctors office.  We want you to have as few obstacles as possible when it comes time to schedule your next CPR and First Aid course.  All group classes have a minimal student charge of $400.00 for a class. This works out to 6 students per class. The larger the class, the bigger the discounts.

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To schedule a class, please call (517) 449-0850 or Contact us

Group Prices

Group price depends on group size and how many classes you are looking to hold. The minimal class charge is $400.00.  If you don't see a course that you would like to hold please check course page to see all the course that are offered or you may call us to check 517-449-0850 If you would like prices on renewal or skills session classes please call.


Not just for workplace and companies! We train all Groups

The more people that complete CPR and First Aid training, the higher the likelihood that the victims of heart attack, choking or stroke will get immediate help.

CPR and First Aid training allows you to help a person in need while waiting for EMS to arrive. Having this knowledge can potentially save someone's life. Early CPR keeps a person's vital organs responsive and the chances of the victim's survival increase dramatically. We believe that everyone should be CPR and First Aid certified, and this is why we offer on-site training classes. We understand that your schedule can be busy and hectic, so we work with you and save you time and money by coming to you or your place of business.

Our instructors specialize in teaching CPR and First Aid training to groups of professionals or the general public. We will come to you. Book your on-site CPR and First Aid training class today and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

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About Us

CPR SAFETY TRAINING is here to provide the highest quilty in CPR training. We are all way looking to improve on our standards. When you walk out of one of our classes, you will know CPR no matter what course you are taking.

What Clients Say

The best cpr class that i have taken. When i have taken the BLS course at other company the class moved way to fast and the instruction was not always clear. The instructors at CPR SAFETY TRAINING will take the time to make sure you know how to preform every step in CPR. If you need extra time to practice they will give it to you. They even took the time at the end of the class to answer all my questions. I will be takeing the cours again in 2 years with CPR Safety Training. GREAT JOB and Thanks.

- Darlene Jacobs