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ECards Follow-Up And Future Plans

Thanks to everyone who participated in the eCard feedback discussions over the last couple of weeks. Your feedback will help AHA determine some best practices for moving ahead with the plan to convert to eCards only and move away from paper cards. Below is more information about future plans for converting Training Centers to eCards.

Why is the AHA requiring eCards?

The simple answer is quality improvement. Not only do eCards provide higher security than print cards and reduce the risk of counterfeit cards, they also will allow for data-driven, continuous quality improvement in AHA CPR and ECC training. Improving the quality of training - and therefore victim and patient outcomes - is at the heart of everything AHA CPR and ECC does to further our lifesaving mission.

Whether you're new to eCards or already a user, you'll see several improvements coming soon, or recently released, that will help to make issuing eCards easier and more efficient than ever. Some enhancements to eCards include:

  • eCard Locations - This recently added feature allows TCCs to share the task of eCard issuance with as many eCard Locations as needed to alleviate card management. For more information on eCard Locations and eCard Admins, please view the eCard Locations tutorial videos here.

  • New, more user-friendly design - We've worked with the AHA Training Network through focus groups and analysis of support inquiries, to find out what is and isn't working well in the current eCards tool. Based on these insights, we're redesigning the tool to streamline functions and reduce steps and screens. Look for the new design coming later this summer!

  • New and additional help and resources - With the redesigned tool we'll be introducing new, updated video tutorials, as well as downloadable quick reference flyers, which will be imbedded throughout the tool. We are committed to providing you the information, tools, and resources you will need during this eCard transformation time.

We have been issuing ecard for a little over a year it is a much better way of distributing cards to students that have attended a class. NO more waiting on cards to come in the mail. If you have question about the new ecard that we are issuing, please call us at 517-449-0850, or you did not attend a class with CPR SAFETY TRAINING you can call American Heart Association (AHA) at 1-800-242-8721

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