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Oscar Scudder is the lead instructor for CPR SAFETY TRAINING.

My goal is to ensure that everyone that takes a CPR class with CPR SAFETY TRAINING walks away with knowledge to preform lifesaving skills needed to increase a person chance survival. CPR SAFETY TRAINING is committed in making lifesaving skills and knowledge easy and painless to learn. By taking a few hours out of your day every two years to take a CPR class may be the difference in saving a life. If you would like to hold a class contact us at 517-449-0850 or by email oscar@cprsafetytraining.com.

About Us

CPR SAFETY TRAINING is here to provid the highest quilty in CPR training. We are all way looking to improve on our stadards. When you walk out of one of our classes you will know CPR no matter what course you are taking.

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What Clients Say

The best cpr class that i have taken. When i have taken the BLS course at other company the class moved way to fast and the instruction was not always clear. The instructors at CPR SAFETY TRAINING will take the time to make sure you know how to preform every step in CPR. If you need extra time to practice they will give it to you. They even took the time at the end of the class to answer all my questions. I will be takeing the cours again in 2 years with CPR Safety Training. GREAT JOB and Thanks.

- Darlene Jacobs